The Bounty Boat Adventure

Don McIntyre and his crew set sail on the 29th April from Tonga to Timor, 4300 miles in an 8 metre Whaler, re-enacting the plight of Captain Bligh who was left in a similar boat by the mutiny of The Bounty in 1789. In doing so Don McIntyre raised money for the Sheffield Institute Foundation. You can follow the trip online here


The Blenheim Palace Triathlon June 5/6 2010

Taking part to raise funds for MND and Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN)

Lottie raised over £23,000

I decided 6 months ago that I would take on the challenge of completing the Blenheim Triathlon which involves cycling 20km, running 5.2km and swimming 750m. Why you may ask have I decided to take on this crazy challenge?

At the end of last year my wonderful father, Tom, was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. MND is a fatal condition for which there is no treatment and no cure.   The muscles waste away and the patients die of weakness and paralysis of their breathing muscles.   Many doctors regard this condition as the worst disease in medicine. Very little money has been spent on research. Figures show that between 1999 and 2004, 6000 people died from MND, 4200 from HIV/AIDS and 92 from vCJD. During this time £33million was spent into vCJD, £45 million on HIV/AIDS and £8 million on MND.

Why am I asking you to donate to The Sheffield Institute?   My father is currently being looked after by Professor Pamela Shaw, head of the Department of Neuroscience at Sheffield University.   She is one of the leading MND specialists in the world and the inspiration behind current research and the building of a new Institute.

Dad is very lucky to be under her care and is taking part in a Clinical Drug Trial. This is a very positive thing for him and the family, as he is part of something that may change people's lives and provide a better insight into the disease. This would not be possible without the perseverance of Professor Shaw.

The money that I raise will all go towards the new research and clinical centre at Sheffield University which will be called The Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITran). The centre will be not only be involved with research into MND but other degenerative conditions such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, SMA (a childhood form of MND) and Multi Sclerosis (MS). A breakthrough in one may lead to a breakthrough in another.

  So you can see this is a wonderful initiative. If you feel inspired to help in any way, please go to and press the DONATE button. Or alternatively send a cheque made out to the "The Sheffield Institute Foundation for MND" and send it to me at the above address and I will forward it on to the SIF Bank account. (This is a registered Charity.)

Thank you so much.


Lottie Gilbey

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Lands End John O'Groats: 2 girls, 2 bikes, 2 weeks

Two years ago my mum died of Motor Neurone Disease. Like many people I knew little about this horrible condition so for my sister and I it was a quick steep learning curve. Mum soon began to lose her voice and had great difficulty swallowing. In lots of ways we were very lucky that mum had fantastic support from the local MND health care professionals. She died 18 months after diagnosis. Her wishes were respected and she died a very dignified lady at home with her family around her. Mum was very keen that her death would not be in vain. She got in touch with Professor Pam Shaw at Sheffield Medical School, who discussed mum's end of life wish to donate her body to medical research. Without going into details Pam Shaw was fantastic and mum's wishes were carried out without any distress to the family. I had already decided to run the London Marathon in 2008 raising money for MND which I completed in a respectable 4 hours 35 minutes. I raised just under £3,000.00 and was delighted. I am the type of girl who needs a challenge so next week 6 May election day I am setting out with a girlfriend to cycle Lands End John O'Groats. We are 2 girlies, 2 bikes, 2 weeks, unsupported. In fact we have had a huge amount of support from friends, colleagues and people I don't even know, who have kindly sponsored me. We don't have a support vehicle and are carrying all our kit with us. Over the last 6 months we have developed from being a 25 miles/day pottering cyclists to a cool 80 miles/day athletes. 'Slight exaggeration but it has been a tough training as the weather hasn't always been kind but we're ready, prepared and raring to go. We are not doing a blog but I'm hoping my long suffering husband will update you on my progress during the cycle. Thank you so much for all your support. All the money I raised will go to the new research Institute for Motor Neurone Disease which is being built in Sheffield. Professor Pam Shaw and her team of 90 researchers and scientists will move into the new building in October of this year. I hope their research will help find a cure for this horrible illness. By the way I normally don't like to mention my age but I'm no spring chicken and will be 56 on my next birthday!


Teg and Angie

Angela Miller is fundraising for Sheffield Institute Foundation for Motor Neurone Disease

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'There is no worse disease than MND'
Dame Ciceley Saunders OMDBEFRCP, the founder of the modern
hospice movement
'The Sheffield research team will dedicate its work to finding a cure for MND'